Campaign Management System

With the increasing competition in almost every market, customers are more and more exposed to marketing information through an abundance of channels.

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This leads to increased resistance to traditional marketing methods which makes it difficult for companies to find their way to customers’ minds through the clutter.


To achieve that goal, companies need to adjust their customer management processes, adopt less-traditional methods to convey their messages and make more personalized offers. Being customer oriented can be hard to manage, since a vast number of offer variations come forward while a company tries to build the right offer, use the right channel at the right time for each of its customers. Therefore, the companies who are striving for greater customer life time value, need an effective, powerful and flexible system that would save the huge operational and intellectual effort they needed.

Turkcell Technology Campaign Management System is an all-in-one and intuitive solution for companies to optimize their marketing efforts, offer consistent customer service across multiple channels and build a more profitable customer dialogue by creating automated marketing processes. It provides intelligent tools for each process in a campaign life cycle: campaign analysis, customer targeting, campaign planning, execution, fulfillment and response collection.

In addition, Turkcell Technology Campaign Management System introduces tailor-made telecom specific features, modular infrastructure and generic integration, allowing telecom companies to easily integrate and customize the system to comply with ever changing business needs.



Prominent features:

  • Covering all communication channels:
    • Outbound Campaigns: Call Center, IVR, SMS, e-mail, etc.
    • Inbound Campaigns: Call Center, web-self care, etc.
    • Message Driven Inbound Campaigns: SMS, USSD
    • Event Driven Campaigns: Top-up, service activation, usage, etc.
  • Minimizing risks&efforts:
    • Easy-to-use web based campaign designer
    • Flow chart based business logic design
    • User management with assigning roles and authorizations to users
    • Last Minute Check and advanced blockage features
    • Approval Mechanism: Making users perform their checks on the real system
    • Campaign Catalog: Allowing store and re-use of campaign templates
  • Building effective customer insight:
    • Tree type segment generation and filtering
    • Usage of response histories as attributes
    • Extensive reporting for accurate monitoring and management
    • Advanced List Push: Matching customer data with third party data
    • Define control groups to measure campaign effectiveness
  • Design conveniently:
    • Chained Campaigns
    • Campaign Groups
    • Installment Module
    • Advanced Scheduler
  • Ensure execution with Fulfillment Manager:
    • Ability to define start and end datesfor execution
    • Ability to call web services triggered by backend systems for fulfillment action
    • Retry mechanism&resume function