A home network usually has a little control over selecting networks for its outbound roamers.

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This absence of control causes many outbound roamers to register on non-preferred networks,making it difficult for the home operator to control roaming costs and ensure quality of service. Therefore, an operator needs to deploy effective traffic steering solutions in order to negotiate and optimize their Inter Operator Tariffs (IOT), protect its revenues while offering the best quality of service to its customers.

RoamSelect enables mobile operators to dynamically influence its outbound roamers’ network selections through the SS7 network complying with the 3GPP TS 22.011 standards. With RoamSelect, operators are offered the chance of configuring outbound roamer steering based on many parameters like the zone (or country), the network (operator), subscriber class (like prepaid/postpaid), Visitor Location Register (VLR) or subscriber (IMSI) through an intuitive but comprehensive web-based interface.

Key Benefits:

  • Better ability to negotiate IOTs with roaming partners, improving margins from roaming
  • Revenue assurance for operator groups: Retain premium roaming revenues within the group
  • Higher customer satisfaction via consistent service quality
  • Enhanced relationships with partners by ensuring them the subscribers would use their facilities
  • Real-time control over roaming distribution to cope with instant changes in roaming business rules


  • Steering performed through the SS7 network by analyzing MAP signaling messages
  • Flexible steering criteria including subscriber profiles,
  • Easy service management through an intuitive web-based interface
  • Extensive reporting for accurate monitoring and management
  • Ease of integration via compliance with 3GPP TS 22.011 standards
  • Simple and seamless extension to accommodate increasing signaling loads