Improving the steering performance is critically important for mobile operators in order to protect the margins on roaming business especially in face of fierce competition and regulatory pressure on pricing.

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Operators’ network based and SIM based steering solutions should effectively be combined in order to achieve superior steering performance while lowering signaling costs.

SIMSelect enables the mobile operator to update the preferred network list on its roaming customers’ SIM cards instantly based on the preferred network information coming from network steering solution. This way, optimal steering accuracy will be achieved, and operators make sure that their roamers register to preferred networks and get seamless services. SIMSelect’s easy to use web-based interface allows fast and on the fly configuration of parameters and rules while providing extensive reporting.

Advantages of hybrid solution:

  • Increased percentage of steering to preferred networks
  • Less overhead on international signaling links, thus decreased signaling costs
  • Ability to load share the traffic with better performance among preferred operators of the same country
  • Always updated and on the spot PLMN list
  • Anti-steering resistance