Around country borders, there may be some spots where a neighboring network might be stronger than the home network causing the handsets to automatically select foreign networks and incur roaming charges. Subscribers are mostly unaware of this fact and they experience a bill shock at the end of the billing period.

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For enhanced customer care, better service quality and cost reduction for the home network operators and subscribers, the home networks would prefer to retain their customers wherever their networks have coverage.

RoamPrevent is an intelligent service that provides mobile operators the ability of preventing their own subscribers from accidentally roaming on a foreign network while they are still within their home network’s coverage area.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced brand value via higher customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenue within the network; no unnecessary compensation costs
  • Reduced costs arising from customer complaints



  • Efficient accidental border roaming case detection mechanism
  • Flexible service level criteria,
  • Easy service management through an intuitive web-based interface
  • Extensive reporting for accurate monitoring and management
  • Ease of integration via compliance with 3GPP TS 22.011 standards
  • Simple and seamless extension to accommodate increasing signaling loads