Many mobile users do not use mobile services when they are travelling abroad mainly because the tariff for outgoing calls in most foreign countries is considerably more expensive than for incoming calls.

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One of the possible reasons for not using mobile phone is being a prepaid subscriber which is restricted to make outbound calls when visited network does not support CAMEL.

RoamCB gives mobile operators the chance to extend roaming services to all subscribers while offering attractive roaming rates. When a customer generates a USSD string in the visited network, this string is routed to the home network of the customer, which dials the telephone number and creates a bridge for the calling subscriber. The caller, who otherwise would have been making an outbound call, becomes a recipient of a call at a much lower tariff rate.

Key Benefits:

  • Ability to offer competitive roaming rates
  • Increased revenues through increased roaming call usage,
  •  Reduced interconnect charges due to calls generated in the home network,
  • Retention of roaming revenues that could be lost to international call forwarding and prepaid cards purchased in visited countries to avoid expensive roaming rates,
  • Enables roaming for prepaid subscribers even when CAMEL services are not available.