RoamAssist AtHome

Mobile users roaming in a foreign network usually make dialing mistakes due to unfamiliar dialing codes or prefixes.

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In addition, mostly due to language barriers, they may not understand the dialing error announcements and are often discouraged to make calls while roaming depriving the mobile operator from roaming voice revenues.

RoamAssist-AtHome notifies inbound roamers about their common dialing errors and provides instructions in their own language encouraging the roamers to make calls while increasing customer satisfaction and roaming voice revenues. RoamAssist-AtHome also enables roamers to reach their short code destinations in their home network, as a result of this customer satisfaction and revenues from services such as Voicemail increase.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased roaming revenues due to increased call completion rates and service accessibility,
  • Higher customer satisfaction and good reputation for both the operator and the roaming partner
  • Fraud prevention by prohibiting calls towards forbidden destination numbers provided by roaming partners