Flexi SIM

Personalization is the stage of the SIM card manufacturing process when a SIM card is actually linked to a particular cardholder by associating it with data unique to the subscriber.

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An inefficient and rigid personalization process may lead to the following problems:

  • Redundant SIM cards utilizing operator’s resources
  • Inefficient usage of MSISDN and IMSI ranges
  • Problems in recycling pre-provisioned SIM cards
  • Rigid SIM card supply chain preventing efficient planning
  • Big and hard to track SIM card stocks at dealer shops to cope with SIM replacements
  • Inefficient usage of network capacity.

SIMprovision addresses these problems by offering on-demand provisioning capability to operators. This way, the operators do not need to pre-provision the SIM cards to be distributed and can therefore enjoy a better SIM card supply chain management.

Benefits for the operator:

  •  SIM card vendor independency: SIMprovision can work with any OTA enabled SIM card,
  • Ability to update the IMSI written on the SIM Card at the time of SIM activation:
    • More efficient use of network elements: No restrictions on IMSI block reservations on network elements such as HLRs, AUCs, and BSSs
    • Saving on logistics and stock holding costs according to varying profiles
    • Higher customer satisfaction due to fast handling of SIM replacements
    • Ability to let the subscriber select the MSISDN number
    • Ability to offer differentiated services such as dual MSISDN handling, and elite number.




With Flexi SIM relying on SIMprovision, operators are given the chance to assign a dummy IMSI number to more than one SIM card to be issued. This removes restrictions on IMSI block reservations on network elements such as HLRs, AUCs, and BSSs leading to more efficient use of network elements and savings on license costs.