Turkcell Technology’s Remote File Management (RFM) Services provide a platform-independent, web-based tool which allows management of files on SIM card by using the OTA technology Based on Remote File Management standards defined in GSM 03.48.

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Using Turkcell Technology’s RFM Services tool, the operators will be able to keep information on their customers’ SIM up-to-date at all times and offer services such as:

  • Update preferred roaming list service remotely
  • SPN (Service Provider Name) Update: Ability to change the operator name (SPN) area dynamically
  • Call Barring – White List: Ability to restrict the calling functions to the numbers which are not listed as allowed (white list) numbers
  • ADN Management: Ability to add/change/delete the SIM cards ADN (Abbrivated Dialing Number) list.