SIMdynamic – VAS Booster

Through Turkcell Technology’s VAS Booster, interactive SIM based campaigns or services can easily be designed on a user friendly web based GUI and sent instantly via the OTA SIM Management Platform to a selected group of customers using the same GUI.

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Key benefits:

  • Increased return rates to service offerings due to:
    • Pop-up nature of the message appearing on customer’s home screen
    • Elimination of customer intervention (like entering a text or sending an SMS) via interactive menus
    • Ability to offer services to a specific defined group of customers or customers in a specific location.
  • Virtual Channel Management: Create customer groups for services for effective targeting
  • No dependency on the SIM card vendor
  • Same performance on all terminals
  • No need to have memory space on the SIM card for each new dynamic service.


Using VAS Booster, marketing people can easily develop interactive SIM based services and deploy them. VAS Booster also features Virtual Channel Management, which allows the operator to manage 512 virtual channels remotely for more successful campaigns based on customer profiles using the VAS Booster GUI. The defined virtual channels can be opened and closed any time through the same GUI offering a SIM based solution for customer targeting.