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Roaming IMSI – Increase your roaming footprint

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Roaming IMSI – Increase your roaming footprint

Roaming IMSI is a SIM-based application, which manages two IMSIs for the users of the service. The home IMSIis used in the subscriber’s home country, and when roaming to any country where the operator has an agreement in place. The international IMSI is used when abroad for connection to a roaming hub. Switching between the two IMSIs is handled automatically by the applicationi depending on location; transparent to the end user.

Live Balance – See your balance on your phone screen

Live Balance service enables end-users to have their real-time credit balance always available on their mobile’s home screen. The service saves the end users from the burden of issuing USSD or SMS requests to for balance query.

SIM OTP – SIM-based One-time Password

SIM OTP provides increased security in online banking transactions through encryption of onetime password messages with OTA key and directly sending them to the SIM card.