Hunt PBX

Being able to attract and retain corporate customers is one of the most important challenges for mobile operators to increase revenues and stimulate adoption of new services such as mobile broadband or multimedia applications.

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Therefore, offering differentiated services for addressing the needs of corporate customers in several domains is very important for many operators.

Hunt PBX answers this need by offering several benefits both for the operator and its corporate customers.

Benefits for the operator:

  • Increased customer satisfaction due to differentiated services
  • Increased MOU and thus increased voice revenues

Benefits for the operator’s customer:

  • No need to deploy teams in the office to attend calls to your company’s prime number.
  • Always have someone to attend your customer calls.
  •  Increased call back rates by your customers due to company prime number visibility in outgoing calls.
  • PBX like functionality without making an expensive PBX investment.
  • Fixed cellular terminal (FCT) integration and mobile extension dialing.

Hunt PBX works on the basis of two scenarios:

1. Inbound scenario – A customer calls the company’s prime number: The Hunt PBX platform is triggered and selects an available (usually non-busy) agent/employee based on the rules defined by the service user via an easy-to-use web based interface and routes the call. If the agent does not answer, the HUNT PBX hunts another agent.


2. Outbound scenario – An employee calls a customer with his mobile phone: The Hunt PBX platform is triggered, applies the number modification defined in agent’s profile and routes the call to the appropriate MSC. The customer sees the company’s prime number.