Mobile PBX

Corporate customers constitute one of the most critical segments for mobile operators with their high ARPUs, fast adoption and usage of new services.

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Therefore, it is of paramount importance for mobile operators to attract and retain corporate customers. Apart from offering competitive tariffs, one way of doing that is to offer services that will help corporate customers to achieve their business goals by providing means for new revenue streams, saving them costs or increasing the efficiency of their business operations.

Mobile PBX answers this need by offering PBX functionality for companies over the employees’ mobile phones without the need of undertaking expensive PBX investments.


Benefits for the operator:

  • Increased customer satisfaction due to differentiated services
  • Increased MOU and thus increased voice revenues
  • Benefits for the operator’s customer:
  • No need to deploy teams in the office to attend calls to your company’s prime number.
  • Increased mobility and efficiency compared to desk phones
  • Increased call back rates by your customers due to company prime number visibility in outgoing calls.
  • Decreased operational costs:
    • No need for PSTN lines, PBX or desk phones
    • Costs of cabling, periodic maintenance, and services
    • No extra hardware placed at customer premises for Mobile PBX.
  • Different types of web applications for different types of user roles
  • Fixed cellular terminal (FCT) integration and mobile extension dialing.

Supported call functions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Greeting with announcement
  • Calling with extension number
  •  Operator call transfer
  •  Hunting in a group
  •  Short number call
  •  Call forwarding
  •  Call screening (black/white lists)
  •  Night mode
  •  Caller queue structure
  •  Push/Pull caller queues
  •  Operator call park
  •  Number display restrict
  •  Personal call lists

The intuitive and easy-to-use web based interface allows even non-technical people to operate, control and maintain the Mobile PBX system in case the needs of the company happen to change. Configurable parameters include the following:

  • Call monitoring and controlling
  • Announcement file upload
  •  PBX menu planning
  •  Customized settings for users and companies
  •  Call distribution group definition
  •  Call queue settings
  •  Call data record view
  • Call forwarding settings
  •  Short Message (SMS) sending
  •  Call screening definition
  •  Corporate/Personal directories
  •  Language settings, multilingual user interface
  • User presence information