Missed Call Notification

The Missed Call Notification (MCN) is a value-added service for subscribers to selectively receive alerts for missed calls or get informed when their called parties become reachable.

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The MCN has two main functionalities:

  • B Number notification: Upon becoming reachable, the called party receives an alert about a missed call. An SMS can be sent informing the subscriber of the caller’s number and other information about the call such as date, time and the number of times the caller has tried to reach the subscriber. When the mobile phone is turned on or returns to an area with coverage the system will immediately send a notification of all missed calls to the subscriber.
  • A Number notification: The calling party receives an alert when the a party once unreachable, becomes available again.
  • When deploying a MCN solution, the operators aim to turn missed calls into revenues by:
  • Increasing call backs
  •  Increasing voice mail usage when the MCN solution works together with a voice mail service.