Reverse Charging

Reverse charging is one of the top revenue generating value-added services for mobile operators since it allows calls that would not have been made otherwise by enabling mobile subscribers not to pay for the calls they initiate. The called party will be charged for the call in case the call is accepted by itself.

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Reverse Charging service is triggered by a calling subscriber by sending a USSD request including the number to be called. The system informs the calling subscriber that his request is being processed. At the same time, the system calls the number in the USSD request and plays an announcement to the called user to accept or reject the call. If the call is accepted by the called subscriber, the system then establishes a second leg to the USSD sender and the call begins.

If the reverse charging request is rejected by the called subscriber or call cannot be offered to the subscriber then USSD sender is notified by a USDD message about the situation.