SGS – Site Guard System

Site Guard System is an end-to-end central monitoring, authorization and security solution for mobile network operator sites & base stations. SGS is tailored to meet base station’s security requirements. This makes SGS a unique solution in telecommunication security area.

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Solution Components:

  • Controller Card (LSAC), Sensors & Camera(s)
  • Lock mechanism
  • Server Application
  • Mobile Access Application

Turkcell Technology Location Security Application Card (LSAC)

Turkcell Technology Location Security Application Card (LSAC) is designed to monitor a given environment by providing integration interfaces for various types of sensors. The operator can monitor and record all access events to its base stations as well as monitoring various environmental parameters such as heat and humidity depending on the available sensors in the base station.


Main Features of LSAC

  • ARM Cortex M3 CPU
  • External NAND Flash & SDRAM
  • USB debug port
  • Eight sensor ports
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Quad band communication
  • GPRS & Ethernet communication
  • 1xRS485 interface
  • 2xRelay (220V & 48V)
  • FW update with Over Air Download
  •  Engine driver for lock mechanism
  •  Customizable messaging protocol
  •  JSON support
  • Support Internal & External SIM card
  •  ISM band communication option (need FW update)


Default sensors used with SGS.

  • Motion Sensors (Internal & External)
  •  Shock Sensor
  • Flood Sensor
  • Smoke and Heat sensor

Alert Monitoring and Management (Server) Software

Alarm monitoring and management software evaluates the signals coming from LSAC. Server Software is composed of two components:

  • Easy to use WEB interface simplifies alert monitoring and supports single sign on with LDAP and Active Directory integration
  •  Core Management Application is designed with NodeJS and mongoDB to support concurrency. The signals and messages received from different base stations can be processed monitored simultaneously.


Key Features & Benefits

Remote Site Access Monitoring & Management

  • 7/24 monitoring of operator sites / base stations
  • Access authorization for entrance to operator’s sites by network operations group staff
  • Field staff can specify the reason for their entrance to site / base station
  •  Operators can control and manage their field staff efficiently
  • Entrance events to the sites are logged and can be used in any judicial investigation

Deterrence for theft and violence

  • Deterrence is provided by existence of external camera and external motion sensor
  • When a motion is detected by motion sensor, the camera starts to record the environment for a predefined duration

Easy to use WEB interface

  •  User friendly web interface allows users to track and control the alarms easily
  • Alarms are displayed in main screen with an animation pop-up
  • Live monitoring of operator sites / base stations with cameras from web interface

Prevent costs due to goods & service loss

  • Continuously monitoring of operator’s sites / base stations against threats like natural disasters, theft etc.
  • Reduce the intervention time in case of problems and minimize the costs due to loss of goods and services