Location Info Server

Location based services are innovative solutions for delivering profitable and highly personalized services to subscribers.

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They enable mobile operators to make strategic differences in today’s highly competitive environment. Location based services also support mobile operators in achieving higher customer loyalty as well as increasing revenues by enabling third parties to utilize their resources.


Turkcell Technology’s Location Info Server is a cost effective solution for providing location data which is necessary for location based services. It uses standard SS7 signaling messages to query mobile network nodes and obtains Cell and Local Area information for a given mobile number. Location Info Server is an alternative to high cost positioning systems for services where Cell and Local Area information are sufficient (E.g. Weather forecast, employee tracking, nearby event alerts). It can also work in tandem with positioning systems by serving location information where precise location information such as latitude and longitude is not necessary, hence reducing transactional costs induced by positioning systems usage.

Location Info Server provides a Web Services based interface for rapid development of location based services and also for easy integration of third party services to authorization mechanisms.

Location information provided by Location Info Server:

  • Cell ID
  • Location Area Code
  • VLR
  • IMSI
  • State
  •  Age of Location Information