Interactive Device Manager

IDM is a platform that enables operators to gain information about their subscribers’ device changes based on device detection information from the core network and inform the subscibers selectively about the availability of new services or promotional offers according to their device brand, model and attributes in real time.

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Key Benefits

Customers will be able to

  • Get real-time Information & Notification Messages
  • Catch Promotional Opportunities / Benefits at the right time

Operator will have the advantages of;

  • Eliminate the need for a traditional device manager by offering automatic / on-demand device setting
  • Customer satisfaction due to relevant offers in real-time upon device changes
  • Trigger usage and subscription of VAS Services
  • Efficient & proactive marketing teams who can handle device change information in an efficient manner by defining business scenarios on IDM
  • Increased return rates, increased revenue



IDM is improved with enriched web services, filtering features, and real time “filter & push” technology and focus on device change events and provides operators to be flexible, fast and pro-active on competing market. IDM stores valuable information such as last five device history of all the subscriber base including MSISDN,IMSI,IMEI and date parameters. Using IDM intuitive GUI, it is possible to create and monitor variety of services that will run on IDM tailored according to operators’ marketing depatment needs and create comprehensive service reports.

  • IDM provides enriched Web Services to manage different marketing use cases. Operators may open these Web Services to third parties and build new revenue channels.
  • IDM has enriched filtering features to create different use case scenarios due to device change events.
  • The patented “Filter & Push” Technology, differentiates IDM platform from the classical MDM Solutions by providing real time triggers to registered applications upon realization of customizable device/attribute change scenarios. IDM is focused on increasing income from Device Change events.