Smart Education Platform

Turkcell Technology Smart Education Platform is an innovative solution that enables students to participate in classroom training on their mobile devices as well as reaching educational and informative content.

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The solution enables teachers to run the class curriculum on a smart board, supervise quizzes and exams in an interactive and sharing manner. Whilst improving the quality of the education, the solution offers an unparalleled teacher to student and student to student interaction. Monitoring and screen share allow real-time classroom collective learning and controls the teaching environment.

Turkcell Technology Smart Education Platform introduces new revenue channel opportunities for mobile network operators. The solution is scalable and can be tailored around the project requirements. Regarding the scale of implementation, different business use cases can be modeled.

Platform Topology


Key Components

Smart Board:

  • Unlimited Educational Application Support
  • Any desktop application can be used as an education tool
  • Preloaded, local content or just a whiteboard
  • Instant sharing with tablets
  • Multi-language support


Smart Tablet Clients

  • Multi-platform support (Android 4+, iOS 7+, WP8)
  • Version control and local download mechanism
  • Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity
  • Simultaneous multiplatform usage – single UX
  • Multi-language support



  • Located on Cache Server
  • Student Portal
  • Teacher Portal for content and homework upload
  • Parent Portal for student updates


Cache Servers

  • Central access point for each school
  • One cache server required per school
  • Serves as client download point in the schools
  • Performs all synchronization and backup between smart board, tablets and central server
  • Can be configured as backup and portal server for single school solution


Backup Server / Data Center / Cloud (Optional)

  • The student and teacher materials can be backed up and synced.
  • If the operator has a cloud storage platform, Turkcell Technology Smart Education Platform can be connected to operator’s storage.


Mobile Network Operator’s Role & Benefits

Connectivity represents the immediate opportunity for MNOs in an area where they have the most natural right to play. As a first and most natural strategy, MNOs can focus on their core skills and offerings to support Mobile Education. Under this strategic posture, MNOs target the education segment with their range of connectivity products and services. The MNOs would provide students, teachers and other education professionals with the scale and coverage to access educational content and solutions provided by other players in the education ecosystem. This would provide access to a global connectivity-linked revenue pool.

Enabling the Mobile Education ecosystem would expand the addressable global opportunity for MNOs and unlock a larger revenue pool by:

  • Providing Smart Education Platform Software as a Service to enterprise customers
  • Building IT-managed services capabilities to enable Mobile Education platforms including secure cloud-based storage and hosting. Integrated operators with existing IT services capabilities are well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunity.

Providing end-to-end services that include in-house content and/or devices in addition to connectivity and the mobile education platform software by

  • Providing Smart Board & Tablets with Smart Education Platform Software: MNOs can establish partnerships with third-party players to provide HW components of the solution that MNOs may not wish to provide, such as white-label device manufacturers.
  • Providing content with Smart Education Platform Software: MNOs must acquire the skill sets to develop compelling educational content and solutions to be able to offer mobile education contents