Intellectual Property

A patent application puts forward something that has never been thought of, expressed and proved before anywhere in the world in a certain field.In order to get a patent for an invention, it must be a) innovative, b) applicable to industry and c) needs to surpass the known state of technology. Companies apply for patents in their core business area in the world and in countries where the company is active.

Companies that support the patent application processes gain from it by protecting their intellectual property as well as gain a competitive edge and financial power by developing diverse products and services. Furthermore, while browsing previous patent applications as part of their own patent application process, the experts widen their technology vision and the process enables them to define areas where there is ample space for competition.

The information gathered at this stage not only provides an opportunity to monitor the strategy and activity of the competitors but also gives an opportunity to become the winning side within a competitive environment. With this approach, Turkcell Technology manages its patent application process with well-defined procedures. Patent application rights and process support is provided to all employees. A patent notice form is filled out in monthly workshops under the supervision of an expert, the patent application process owner, manager and a consultant. The number of patent applications is a very important performance criterion for many engineers in the Turkcell Technology teams. Its effect is reflected in the year-end evaluation phase. Furthermore, innovators are provided with awards for each patent application that they submit. The purpose of Turkcell Technology is to become a global R&D and innovation company and attract attention by continuously raising the number of patent applications it submits each year. As part of the success story of ever-increasing patent applications year on year, Turkcell Technology has become a national leader in patent application in both the telecommunications and the software sector. Turkcell Technology ranks in the third place for overall patent applications in Turkey.