R&D Programs

There is a substantial number of R&D programs managed in both the domestic and international markets.

The common goal of these programs is providing cooperative environments for developing technology and know-how that enables companies and countries to competitiveness in the global market place. These programs build networks around focus areas that combine complementary capabilities and resources.

There are programs established by the European Commission that have been very successful in the European R&D community. The Framework Programs (FP7, Horizon 2020) and EUREKA with its project cluster programs are the important platforms for the telecommunications and information technology. Participation in such programs is vitally important for companies aiming to have a sustainable competitive edge, dominate future trends and even join among those who will shape the future. These programs provide an opportunity for companies with high information and technologic abilities, universities, politicians and scientists to work together. They also offer increased R&D investment possibilities by providing access to public R&D funds.

Turkcell Technology is taking part in the aforementioned R&D programs effectively. There are a substantial number of projects that are worked on jointly by the leading European and Turkish R&D technology companies. As a member of NESSI (the Networked European Software and Services Initiative), Turkcell Technology invites its local business partners to participate in such projects.

Turkcell Technology is an active participant in governance bodies of the Eureka programs: Turkcell Technology is a board member of ITEA3 and Celtic Plus organizations.