A fundamental indicator of economic and social development of a country is the level of investment in Research and Development (R&D) by both the public and the private sector.

The Information age has underlined the multiplier effect of intellectual property on the competitive strength of organizations. Organizations with intellectual property assets have a decisive competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Turkcell Technology is a company based on R&D and innovation, a company that centers its existence on making a difference through its intellectual property and R&D investments. Turkcell Technology focuses on research and development of ideas to support Turkcell Group’s strategies. These ideas of innovation ensure the success on the fast lane of the Turkcell Group becoming a global technology leader; these innovative ideas also touch the Group’s customers and make difference in their lives.

The primary objectives of research and development activities are centered on identifying the problems of Turkcell customers that can be solved through our information and technology capabilities. Our R&D center focuses our R&D on these specific areas and realizes solutions beyond the state of the art. Our R&D center monitors the state of the art and the technology closely. To achieve the primary R&D objectives, selective R&D projects are initiated on suitable international technology platforms.

The advances in our focus areas are realized through extensive cooperation with some of the world’s leading research universities, research centers and companies with complementary capabilities and interests. Collaboration on mutual strategic research areas, equips Turkcell Technology with cutting edge competence to deliver products, services and solutions that really make difference in the market and the lives of its customers.