Becoming a leading company is only possible through the perfect combination of technology development capabilities and talent as well as an acute understanding and feel for the needs of customers. Innovation is the process of transforming new and creative ideas generated within this framework into economic value. Recently customer-driven innovation has taken its place among Turkcell Technology’s strategic focus points.

Turkcell Technology continuously strives to achieve excellence in its operational and production processes. Our innovation process has also been improved upon over time. What we are doing differently from conventional innovation processes is in the generation and maturation of ideas.

It is vitally important that our creative engineering workforce understands and develops a feel for the needs and expectations of our end-customers. Solving customer problems and developing effective technology solutions requires an in-depth understanding of the nature of the issues as well as customer behavior. Our engineers work in close collaboration with interdisciplinary engineers and scientists from various fields such as sociology and psychology. It is this multi-faceted approach that ensures the development complete and innovative solutions that deliver value to the customer.