About 90 percent of direct marketers consider SMS as one of their marketing channels. Growing volume of spam may scare mobile operator’s subscribers away, threatening diminishing revenues for the operator.

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In addition, in the absence of SMS internetworking agreements, operators are not able to get compensation for terminated messages from abroad. This results in a potential revenue loss for the operator since the VAS-to-peer message senders might start to choose foreign operators to deliver their messages to the home country.

With SMSPrevent, operators can define their filtering rules for incoming international SMS messages and save the customers from being disturbed by such messages and prevent revenue leaks induced by lost termination charges.

SMSPrevent provides many highly configurable rules allowing the operator to take actions for international SMSs. These rules are also configurable on operator basis, enabling the operator to apply different rules for different operators in a country. The configuration parameters include but are not limited to the following:

  • Filtering all SMSs
  • Short number senders
  • SMSs from an SMSC from local country
  • SMSs from a short numbered SMSC
  • Alphanumeric senders
  • Sender white and black lists
  • SMSs with GT matching the local country prefix
  •  SMSs with GT matching the HPLMN prefix
  •  SMSC white and black lists
  •  Messages from overloading SMSCs or senders

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced revenue leakage from termination fees
  • Dropping of unwanted SMS resulting in reduced traffic on the network
  •  Increased customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced brand value